Ralf Kleine

Ralf Kleine, born in 1962 in Enger, North Rhine-Westphalia studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, majoring in sculpture with Professor Richard Heß. Since 1993 he lives as a freelance sculptor in Berlin.


1962 Born in Enger, NRW
1983-93 studied sculpture at the FH Bielefeld with Prof. R. Heß
1992 3rd prize "The Weser raftsman", Bad Oeynhausen
1st prize "Spenger Sculpture Competition, Spenge
1993 move to Berlin

1997 cultural promotion award, district of Herford
2003 1.prize competition cemetery cross for the catholic parish Oythe, (Vechta) and commission for the realization


  • 2011 Cemetery cross II, Burlo/Borken
  • 2004 Cemetery cross I, Oythe/Vechta
  • 2003 "Crouching", city hall, Lohne
  • 2001 "Menschenbild", nursing home "Sonnenhof" of the city of Zurich, Erlenbach
  • 1999 "Generations", nursing center "Seeblick" of the city of Zurich, Stäfa
  • 1995 "Philemon and Baucis", Hospital "Sonnweid", Wetzikon, Canton of Zurich
  • 1994 "Köpfe", Psychiatric Center Wetzikon, Canton of Zurich
  • 1993 "Expulsion from paradise", Lohne
  • 1992 "Lovers", Werburg, Spenge
  • 1989 "Bathers", district of Herford

Regular participation in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad


  • 2021 "Metamorphoses" Works by Ralf Kleine, Rantzau Castle Island
  • 2011 Gallery Incontro, Eitorf
  • 2008 Gallery Marlène, with Ena Lindenbauer, Sylvia Härtel, CH
  • 2008 Gallery Döbele, Effeldorf
  • 2008 "Behind the Mirrors" with Burghild Eichheim, Schwarzsche Villa Cultural Office Steglitz, Berlin
  • 2004 Gallery Marlène, Ottenbach, CH
  • 2004 Gallery Incontro, Eitorf
  • 2004 Gallery in the Remise, Halle
  • 2003 Art circle Wassermühle e.V., Lohne
  • 2003 Association Wehrburg / City of Spenge, Spenge


  • 2018 Revierkunst, Herten
  • 2017 Kuboshow, Herne 2017 ARTMUC, Munich
  • 2016 Encounters. Encounters.
    Contemporary Art. Classic Modern Art. Young Art. Gallery Heidefeld, Krefeld
  • 2016 Kunsttage Rhein-Erft, Brauweiler Abbey 2016 Art and Garden, Heidefeld Gallery, Krefeld
  • 2016 Magic Garden, Gallery Döbele, Effeldorf
  • 2015 Art Days Rhine-Erft, Brauweiler Abbey
  • 2015 Luce Mania, Gallery VBK, Berlin
  • 2014 My public self, Kulturamt Steglitz, Berlin
  • 2013 Underground, Gallery VBK, Berlin
  • 2012 change-exchange, National Museum, Yang Pyeong, Korea.
  • 2011 change-exchange, Korean Cultural Center, Berlin
  • 2009 artist books, Basel
  • 2008 "Water", Beauvoorde (B), Hondschoote (FR)
  • 2008 "Vistavechsel" GSA Gallery, Hilversum, NL
  • 2007 primo idea, Gallery VBK, Berlin
  • 2007 cologne fine art, booth of the young collector, Kunstkontor Möllers
  • 2007 art fair Munich, represented by Kunstkontor Möllers
  • 2007 "water", forum for art and architecture, Essen
  • 2007 Sculpture garden at VBK, Long Night of Museums, Berlin
  • 2007 Stories of Water, Kunsthaus Lempertz, Maison Belge, City Library, Cologne
    Institute for Romance Studies, Piscine Elisabethhalle, Aachen, Landtag, Düsseldorf,
    Gallery Eva Poll, Gallery VBK, Belgian Embassy, Berlin


Sculptures of Ralf Kleine