"Empty House" is one object from a series of 16 cubic models that Maximilian Verhas worked on to develop more rolling sculptures. During his work on these different models, he noticed their architectural moments. To clarify this aspect, he first made concrete casts of them, because the material alone evoked the association with a building. If one imagines this object even as high as a house made of concrete, it becomes architecture that can be directly spatially experienced by the viewer by walking on it. These "houses" are not usable buildings, they lack any protective function, there are no sheltering spaces. With the title, which translates as "empty house," Maximilian Verhas alludes precisely to this difference from functional architecture.

EMPTY HOUSE | Maximilian Verhas

Solid cast silver (fine silver), 2010
height ca. 10 cm
25 copies, signed und numbered

5,4 kg fine silver
8.850 Euro

[1] Due to the complex casting process, slight deviations from our target weight may occur, both upwards and downwards. We will be happy to inform you of the exact weight of a sculpture in stock upon  request.

Our prices are subject to change and are based on the current market value of fine silver (999). Since the silver rate fluctuates daily, we ask for your understanding that the stated prices are to be understood as guidelines. We will gladly inform you of the exact and binding sales price upon request.

Sculptures of Maximilian Verhas

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