BullionArt offers stylish sculptures of selected artists made of pure silver (999 fine silver) in limited edition and thus combines the material value of the precious metal as an investment object ("bullion") with the ideal value of art.

Usually, sculptures in art are made of "inferior" material such as stone, wood, bronze, or plastic. This is because the raw material from which the work of art is made plays only a minor role in determining the price. Only the ideal value counts - and that is subjective. Sculptures from BullionArt made of pure silver are therefore something special. The exciting combination of art and precious metal appeals to investors and art lovers alike.


To discover a work of art, to look at it, and to concern with it, can bring joy every day anew. This is a great advantage over other investment objects. On the other hand, when you buy an art piece, you are dealing with an idiosyncratic market: Works by artists that fetched top prices ten years ago are now worth less than half as much; art movements are suddenly "out" and hardly in demand. Conversely, no one can say today which artist will capture the zeitgeist in the coming decades and whose works will then increase in value due to demand. The price of art cannot be measured objectively but depends on many subjective factors.

At the same time, the appreciation of art also depends very much on the prosperity of a generation or era. If people are doing well economically, they are open to art and accordingly willing to pay high prices for it. However, if society is in distress, for example, due to a recession, the priorities of consumption shift: the potential group of buyers becomes small and art highly illiquid.

The concept of BullionArt allows minimizing such risks. This is because, in addition to the beauty of the artwork, the silver sculptures also offer security - through the material value of the silver from which they are made.


The industry needs silver as a raw material. Its unique physical and chemical properties include high photosensitivity, high ductility, highest thermal conductivity, high optical reflectivity, antibacterial effect, and high electrical conductivity. With these properties, silver is used in medicine, electronics, solar, automotive, engineering, and many other industries. It is largely non-substitutable in these applications. This means that silver will always be in demand and - unlike gold - will also be consumed.

However, silver is not only an increasingly scarce industrial metal; like gold, it also has monetary properties. For thousands of years, silver was a means of payment and store of value in almost all cultures, and for many centuries in Europe, gold and silver were used as a parallel currency with fixed exchange ratios between the two metals. Even though gold and silver are no longer used for payment today, both precious metals are accepted throughout the world as stores of value and means of exchange.


BullionArt stands for the symbiosis of the beauty of art and the security and liquidity of silver. Sculptures made of pure silver are safe investment objects and have the potential for an enormous increase in value, in addition to the daily "return" through the joy of the work of art. Because that is the basic idea of BullionArt: art instead of ingots.