Jana Pfeifer was born in 1946 in Reichenberg, the former Czechoslovakia. She attended the School of Fine Arts in Gablonz and also completed her training as a costume jewelry designer there.

Hoping to have more opportunities for development in the West, she fled to Germany with her husband during the "Prague Spring" in the spring of 1969. In Stadtallendorf in northern Hesse, they founded an art foundry and Jana Pfeifer initially began to model commissioned works. Among them was the "Golden Victoria", which has been awarded annually by the Burda publishing house since 2003. Gradually, she also created more and more free works that are strongly influenced by themes of mythology and the life of the soul. More and more exhibition participation in Germany and Switzerland followed.

On January 23, 2020, Jana Pfeifer passed away after a short, serious illness.

Sculptures of Jana Pfeifer