Matthias Eder

Matthias Eder (born 1968) studied after an apprenticeship as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, among others with the professors Micha Ullman and Karin Sander. The focus of his work is the human being in his existential nakedness. His works define the shape of his body through the cutout, the fragment, the imprint of the skin. The metal, thin-skinned shells enclose interior and exterior space, appearing strangely two-dimensional and at the same time three-dimensional through the tense relationship of the fragments juxtaposed with each other and the ever-new views and insights that result.


  • Born 1968 in Rheinfelden Baden
  • 1993 Stone sculptor, master
  • 1993-1995 Studies at the Academy for Designing Crafts Aachen
  • 1995-2000 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, graduating as an academic sculptor with Professors Micha Ullmann, Karin Sander and Jana Grizmek
  • Since 2000 freelance artist


  • 2008
    • "Eder3" ("Eder hoch 3"), Rheinfelden, joint exhibition with Leonhard Eder and Tobias Eder
  • 2007
    • "Multifort Art Project", Rheinfelden (Switzerland)
  • 2005
    • "Leonale", Leonberg
  • 2002
    • Cultural Pentecost Lahrensmühle, Leonberg
  • 2001
    • AAM Basel (Switzerland)
    • "Art in Herrenhausen", Gallery Maier&Co., Stuttgart (Germany)
    • Kura Gallery, Basel (Switzerland)
    • Kulturpfingsten, Lahrensmühle, Leonberg
    • "Art path", Gallery association Leonberg, Leonberg
    • Gallery Königsblau, Stuttgart
    • Gallery Artforum, Hanover
  • 2000
    • Art village Unterjesingen
  • 1999
    • Sculpture symposium "One kind of art", Marbach
    • "vielistoftmore", Ulm
    • Leonberg Gallery Association, Leonberg

Sculptures of Matthias Eder